SRI-BV had een website nodig. Hun oog was gevallen op een toepasselijk WordPress thema. Dit thema kon standaard echter niet alles wat ze ermee wilden doen. Wij hebben wijzigingen in het thema aangebracht waardoor het toch 100% aan hun wensen voldeed.

Wat is SRI-BV?

Since 2009 our office is located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. With many years of experience in the field of plastic recycling SR international offers a wide range of quality recycled polymers to the plastic processing industry. High volumes and stable quality products available are our standard. Our products are being used as a cost alternative for injection molding and extrusion companies worldwide.

Our product portfolio is the result of our extensive experience of the recycling industry, including long-term relationships with our customers. It is based on a strong commitment to research and development, as well as industry-wide standards, and addresses both customers’ business and technology demand.


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