Website: Book a houseboat | Houseboats Amsterdam

Wat: Wereldwijd platform voor de verhuur van woonboten.


  • Betalingssysteem
  • SMS notificaties
  • iCal / Google kalender synchronisatie
  • Dubbele boeking notificaties
  • Communicatie via eigen server, inclusief filter systeem
  • Verschillende kalender synchronisatie settings
  • Zeer uitgebreide verhuurprijs instellingen

Book a houseboat, a worldwide houseboat rental platform

Book a houseboat is a worldwide platform for houseboat rentals which started in Amsterdam in 2013. Since then they have grown to become the largest houseboat rental platform in the world which focuses solely on let and renting houseboats. A houseboat being an object on the water on which you can sleep, eet and relax with bedroom and kitchen. So definitely not everything qualifies as houseboat.

Houseboat living

Staying on a houseboat is quite an experience. You’ll see the surroundings and the city from a completely different angel. Back in the old days houseboats where houses for the poor, nowadays they are often very luxurious and moored in the best and most central places in the city. It’s like having your own private house, without neighbours, in the middle of the city. Houseboat living is definitely not for the poor anymore but rather a holiday experience you don’t want to miss when visiting Amsterdam.

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